HyperV Technologies Corp. is developing environmentally friendly, renewable baseload energy technology to meet ever-increasing global energy demand without the negative side effects associated with the extraction and consumption of fossil fuels.

HyperV Technologies is dedicated to producing the world’s first commercially viable fusion reactor technology. The goal of our research is the development of a controlled hot fusion reactor that is scalable to provide from 100 MW to 2,000 MW of clean baseload electric power. The flexibility of the reactor size will enhance the robustness of the global power grid by enabling reliable baseload power to be widely distributed throughout an existing network.

HyperV Technologies is pursuing a unique “pulsed ignition” approach to fusion that has the promise to dramatically reduce the level of complexity, and increase the reliability and maintainability of a fusion reactor. The HyperV approach will use an array of plasma jets to drive a pulsed implosion upon centimeter sized magnetized fuel targets on microsecond timescales. HyperV is developing these advanced high performance plasma jets in our pulsed power research laboratory shown in the picture above.

A brief introduction to Plasma Jet Driven Magneto-Inertial Fusion (PJMIF) can be found here.

Our Business Philosophy: HyperV Technologies Corp. believes that the creation of an environmentally friendly renewable baseload energy source can provide a solid foundation for peaceful and sustained global development. An abundant, renewable and clean baseload energy source will also dramatically reduce, and eventually reverse humanity's impact on Earth's environment. Finally, HyperV’s development of fusion energy is not just a noble effort that will have a huge positive impact on mankind’s progress and the environment; it is an endeavor that will also reap tremendous long term rewards to our investors.

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